Small Ring Decal: Orange - Tigertown Graphics

Small Ring Decal: Orange

This vinyl Clemson Ring Crest decal in orange and applies to the outside.

Measurements: 2.5" X 2"

Currently only available in years '20 '21 or '22

Clear Background-All separate pieces

Instructions for applying decals:

  1. Thoroughly clean area.
  2. Slowly peel clear tape from paper backing – vinyl will stick to tape. If it is not sticking rub down with credit card or similar plastic straight edge before peeling.
  3. Carefully position vinyl in place without allowing vinyl to touch (sticky side down).
  4. When positioned as desired, press center first and smooth outward. 
  5. Rub down with credit card or similar plastic straight edge.
  6. Slowly peel back clear tape, leaving vinyl in place.

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